Reset Password

Users who were enrolled in the previous system are now being asked to reset the password on the new system. This is being done to increase the security level in order to better protect the applicant's data.

You will receive an email with a link embedded into it. This link must be used to access the site since there is some encrypted data in the link to verify that the email address is valid.

Enter your email address along with a new password that you want to use. The password must be

  • 8 characters or more in length
  • Cannot be all lowercase.
  • Cannot be all uppercase.
  • Must contain at least one number.
  • Must contain a character that is not a letter or a digit. (for example: $*^@)

When you have successfully entered your new password in twice, press the Reset button to validate and change your password.

Login Page

Your password was successfully reset. Presss the Log in button to continue.

Login Page

The system will have you login with your new password one more time to ensure everything is working properly.

Login Page