Why Inquiries Screening

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Single Focus

Inquiries Screening is focused on delivering non-criminal fingerprint-based background screening services as an authorized FBI Screening, including associated service and platform support functionality.

We support governments and commercial organizations, with a comprehensive solution for fingerprint-based background screening services (CHRI) for employees, candidates, and/or contractors in support of better securing your business environment, reducing risk and cost, and compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws regarding required checks for specific industry and operational roles.

Why We’re Better

Organizations choose Inquiries Screening because it gives them a simple, reliable and fast way to gain compliance with strict mandates, or perform a proven level of due diligence.

  • Compliance - The Inquiries Screening solution provides customers with a fully compliant CHRI platform with access to the largest fingerprint database in the world, that also meets Fair Credit Act standards, at the lowest available price.
  • Flexibility - The Inquiries Screening solution platform allows customers to buy exactly what they need. No more. No less. Only the services and functionality required in support of the customer’s background screening needs and existing infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective - Inquiries Screening enables organizations to reduce risk, cost and implementation time associated with traditional fingerprint background screening through the use of a simplified Web-based portal, with transactional pricing.
  • Fast - Inquiries Screening submits all fingerprints to the FBI electronically. In most cases the FBI returns the results electronically within 24 hours, optimizing your operational workflows and reducing lost personnel time.
  • Secure - System built with the highest level of security to protect applicant privacy
  • Online - Web based electronic submission, which decreases printing and mailing costs